I am afraid.

Children. That is what they are–although they think that they are prepared and ready to face the world–often suffer one of the most traumatic and life altering events early in life and away from the protection that the watchful eyes of parents could provide.

Ross Duthat, a prolific writer on matters of politics and policy, wrote a thoughtful opinion piece in the New York Times about the dire state of college campuses with respect to the sexual assault. http://nyti.ms/1mrBNtZ  “In the debate over sexual violence on college campuses, two things are reasonably clear. First, campus rape is a grave, persistent problem, shadowing rowdy state schools and cozy liberal-arts campuses alike.”

Many parents focus on paying expenses and parting from beings who, for many, have given meaning to their lives. But, we have more to prepare for. Do we adequately give our young women the tools they need to protect themselves? Do we talk to them about drinking to the point of oblivion; falling down drunk in the presence of strangers; or the need to pay close attention to their surroundings? Have we taught our sons that to treat women with respect and not as objects is a true manifestation of manhood? Have we taught them about consequences?

Institutions need to do more. But, more work needs to be undertaken before we unload the laptop and dorm room supplies.

There you have it. Now spread the word.

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