Avoiding mosquito bites offers the best protection against Zika virus.

Use DEET. But, you should know that this insect repellant is absorbed through the skin. DEET crosses the placenta. This compound will get into the babies bloodstream. But, DEET has never been shown to cause developmental delay or birth defects.

Aedes aegypti is the mosquito that infects persons with Zika. It bites day and night, indoor and outdoor. Important, the Centers of Disease Control recommends that you use products with at least 30% DEET to help protect your baby, .

Second, Permethrin is also used to kill mosquitoes. Often, it is used in homes, in fields, and in areas where there is a need to control the mosquito population. Also, it is recommended for treating clothing. There is some indication that Permethrin, at high levels, can have unwanted effects on the brain development babies and young children. But, more studies have to be done on this topic before we can say more.

Remember, Zika causes death, hearing loss, microcephaly (small brain) and poor growth in babies of mothers who have been bitten. Always, weigh the risks of Zika verses the benefits of using DEET, or possibly Permethrin. Of course, it is impossible to avoid mosquito bites all together if you are living or visiting an infested area. Best, avoid traveling to, or having sex with people who have traveled to areas where Zika is known to be present.

There you have it. Now spread the word!


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