I’ve grown tired of the frenzied monotony of the holiday season. Crowds. Calories. Shopping carts fill with items you don’t need. Churches filled with people who you’ll never see again—until next year.   

Do less. 

Don’t indulge in wanton consumerism. Don’t buy anything that you wouldn’t by in March, unless the item has been on your planned shopping list—since March. If your beloved Fit bit has a cracked screen, waiting for a good deal is, indeed, a great idea. 

Don’t wrap yourself in the pumped-up, fleeting, joviality of company parties and after work meetups. Do surround yourself with the warm, cadenced company of the people who are there for you—everyday.

Don’t feel pressured to have a new man/woman/person in your bed. Do use you PTO to spend some time alone. It’s the best time of year to spend time reflecting, and being introspective. 

Do make the holidays yours. A time to ground yourself, and stay grounded. The time to start anew is today, not on January first when you’re ten pounds heavier and your disposable income has dwindled down to the bare essentials. 

It can be the best time of the year, if you do it right. 

Merry Christmas Everybody!

There you have it; now spread the word. 

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